1st Franklin Financial Corporation

Since 1941, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation has had one goal—to serve the financial needs of our friends and neighbors with the respect and personal service they deserve. It’s been over 70 years since Founder Ben F. Cheek, Jr. made his first $34 auto loan. And while times have changed, our commitment to customers has not. Our customers know us and more importantly, we know them. This commitment is why we’ve been able to help generations of families in times when they have needed us most.

With 283 loan offices in 6 states, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation continues to provide personal loans, supplying our customers with the cash they need. With offices located primarily in rural locations, we understand the struggles in these areas. We offer loans for auto repairs, home improvements, or debt consolidation. We can help with starter loans, wedding loans, medical expense loans, funeral loans or a small personal loan to help you meet day to day expenses. We also offer Retail Sales Financing to help our local small businesses grow. Whatever the need, we can answer all of your loan questions and help you find a solution.